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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Try It Again

I don't know how useful providing two ledes for a story might be but it's worth trying. The AP works as a cooperative, using material from member papers and its own staff, so I'm assuming that it will subject only its own staff to the two-lede plan and not try to co-opt member contributors. I'm guessing, too, this addresses the lack of a softer approach that vanished when the AP eliminated its AM-PM cycle and went to a 24-hour everything-is-brand-new approach.

Much of what AP has to offer its newspapers is already delivered for free on the Internet, so it may need to offer something extra to its client members.

What does concern me, though, is that AP could be heading down the road toward longer stories just as newspapers are pushing harder at shorter stories, smaller newshole, quicker reads for young readers who have no patience with scene setters or slow approaches.


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