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Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to the issue of the choice of pictures in the Schiavo case, and I'll expand it to words, too.

The cable networks seem especially fond of loaded words, such as "saving Terri Schiavo" and have been reporting, in rather breathless tones, on the progress of the bill to intervene in the case, as it went through the Congress and on to Bush's desk.

One particularly breathless TV "reporter" seemed to think she was reporting on a basketball game, recounting the score as the House votes were tallied, talking about the rush to get the bill to Bush's desk in tones that clearly showed this action to be a positive development.

That contrasts starkly with the reporting by some local reporters, who obviously have covered the case and are familiar with the long, long legal battle and the multiple decisions supporting Michael Schiavo.

The choice of language is, in this case, even more inflammatory than the sloppy language about "saving" or "reforming" Social Security.

And how the heck did this happen? This man was refused care in part because his family couldn't pay. And now?

Facility takes in man on ventilator
Change of heart by San Antonio home ends the fight between his family, St. Luke's
Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

A Friendswood man in a persistent vegetative state was transferred to a nursing home in San Antonio on Sunday, ending a battle between St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and his family over whether to take him off life support.


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